Sleep Secrets

Sleep Secrets — How to Fall Asleep Fast, Beat Fatigue and Insomnia and Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Sleep Secrets is a comprehensive, educational and entertaining resource guide designed to help you find your unique sleep solutions and enjoy deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep.

From ancient time-tested practices to cutting-edge products, from expert sleep-doctor advice to insightful tips, from new research insights to highly successful mind-body methodologies, Sleep Secrets will give you all the information you need to change your sleep habits forever.

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Light is the single most important controllable variable to affect the quality and duration of your sleep. With proper light exposure during the day and the management of light at night, you can:

  • beat insomnia
  • mitigate night-shift health hazards
  • energize your days
  • sleep less
  • wake refreshed
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Good sleep habits are vitally important to seniors to maintain their health and energy levels. They are more sensitive to the effects of strong light at the wrong time, EMFs, stimulation from electronic devices too late in the evening, poor eating habits and alcohol.

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Nose breathing is a powerful health-­enhancing skill. Learning to breathe through your nose will help you sleep easier, faster and better. It can drastically decrease snoring and sleep apnea problems.

This is a mild exercise to increase the strength of your nasal breathing. Do yoga sun salutations to set your breath. Breathe only through your nose — in and out — and move slowly.

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Sleep_Secrets_video from Ron Bazar on Vimeo.

Sleep Secrets — How To Fall Asleep Fast, Beat Fatigue and Insomnia and Get A Great Night's Sleep


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The Perfect Sleep Environment

Train your mind/body to think of your bed as a place to sleep, not a place to work on a computer, play a video game, talk on the phone, or watch TV.


Supercharge Your Sleep

What you eat affects how you sleep. If you eat better, you’ll sleep better. 


Optimize Your Routine

Persevere through your natural resistance and put these simple solutions to work and change your life!

Silent Partner For Snoring… Silent Partner is a SmartPatch that elegantly tackles what other products don’t – the snoring noise. Silent Partner’s pioneering approach quiets the noise at its source creating a Silent Zone around the person wearing it,... read more

Permanently Clean Sheets?

Silvon: Bedding Basics Reimagined Powered by pure natural silver – Silvon Sheets permanently prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria. Check out this new product that is being funded: or watch... read more

Mattress Certifications for a Safer Mattress

Most mattresses contain harmful fire retardant chemicals that you can breathe in as they off-gas while you are in bed. Not a recipe for healthy living. Here are some certifications that offer the best protection from Dr. Mercola’s recent post: “Best... read more

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Roma Dehr  October 7, 2015  Vancouver

My family called on my Italian grandmother to heal us long before they sought medical advice. Sleep Secrets combines both ancient time-proven sleep wisdom and the newest research. How cool is that!

I’m tired of the one-size-fits-all approach to health issues because I know our bodies are as unique as our personalities. Through Sleep Secrets, I’m finding tailor-made solutions for my insomnia. Roma Dehr

Sue Canfield  November 9, 2015  Rice Lake  Website

This book has so many great tips on getting a good night's sleep. There is something for everyone - from the insomniac and sleep apnea sufferer to teens and children. There are plenty of different strategies to try. The author uses lots of fun images that keep your attention.

Bianka Satoria  October 12, 2015  Stuttgart

A plethora of zzzz information
A great go to book that allows you to create a self designed sleep program. Wonderful compilation of old and new sleep techniques. Highly recommended for all sleeping types.

LD  September 21, 2015

LOVED IT! Helped me a lot.

Shane Nelson  September 19, 2015  Vancouver

This book is great, it helped me sleep fast.

Ann Mortifee  September 29, 2015  Vancouver  Website

You have written an amazing book. There are so many helpful ideas for those of us who struggle to sleep deeply. I have learned so much already. Bravo! Sleep Secrets is an extraordinary work. Thank you. I know it is a deeply needed book.

Jacquine Manet Bobier  October 7, 2015  Headley

I’ve never read a comprehensive resource guide that made me laugh. It was a bold move to punctuate all that important information with cartoons. What an interesting way to drive a point home. You laugh, you learn.
Jaquine Manet Bobier

Mary-Lu Lorenson  October 4, 2015

For those of us who have had our melatonin levels destroyed by years of night shifts, Ron's book presents a note of salvation. Good bye years of insomnia problems. Thank you Ron

Attila Sule-Szigeti  October 12, 2015  Budapest

This is a fantastic book!
I just cannot wait to have the night coming to try it out as it is only 9 AM here.
Please have a copy and read it, even if you think you have a perfect sleep!

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